Colón & Associates has formed strategic partnerships that significantly broaden the suite of services we provide. These alliances allow us to offer Fortune 500 level services at nonprofit rates. We can now offer such services as:

  • Brand extension

  • New revenue generating sources

  • On-line survey capability

  • State of the art podcasting and audio-visual promotion

Colón & Associates is prepared with all its resources and each of its partners to help you maximize your goals while minimizing your effort.

Colón & Associates can help you become less dependent on mercurial sources of funding and help you identify and develop brand extensions and other non-traditional sources of revenue to provide the additional funds you need for your mission and activities.

Colón & Associates can help you distribute public service messages that will have significant impact and result in brand awareness and loyalty. You can have an extensive in-store network that includes the largest national food stores, pharmacies, and retail chains for distribution of audio and video PSAs. Our highly successful marketing and public relations campaigns use a variety of media, trade shows, strategic partners, and the press.

Colón & Associates can offer technology that combines the best practices of Fortune 500 companies with the unique requirements of nonprofits to provide the most successful and efficient technological approaches in the fundraising world today. Our online service leverages technology investments to provide complete solutions that include powerful e-services and state-of-the-art technological capabilities. We will identify important issues facing your organization and develop a series of solutions that address those issues.


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